About Me

  Photo by Brad Wolfe

My name is Steven.

I play.

About the Stuff

You'd think that it would be as easy as adding soap to water and dipping a piece of string in it, wouldn't you? I didn't think it would be quite that simple when I started this but I didn't think I'd end up putting as much time into it as I have and continue to. Not that I mind - it's a fun journey that isn't over and I've learned about what goes in to making strong, flexible and long lasting bubbles.

The wands are made from the best materials I could find, or make by hand. I'm always on the lookout for better stuff and the wand I'm making now is the third generation. I'll keep trying new stuff and making it better. The solution is another story. I've been using the same recipe for some time now. Like the photos around this site show, It works great and I haven't been able to top it, not that I've stopped trying.