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This page is for orders from within the United States. If you're in Canada, please get in touch with Steve at Lighthearted Kites in Toronto. If you're from anywhere else, please contact me so I can work out a shipping quote for you.

I'll be adding more stuff to the website but in the mean time, if you don't see the big bubble toy or combination you're looking for, I may still be able to help if you contact me.


Bubble Wand Sets

The poles of these wands are made from thin walled plastic tubing so they are sturdy yet light. The wick end has a blunt cap while the other end is open. Although these were originally intended for big kids like my friends and me, the 2 foot size can be handled by most kids aged 6 and older. The 3 foot size can be managed by most 10 year olds. the 4 foot size is probably too heavy for most children with less experience. For bigger toys, scroll down.

As the size increases, the bubble size increases but the wand becomes heavier, more difficult to use and requires better conditions. The 4 foot is definitely not for little kids since it's kind of heavy. The price is $20 plus $12.00 shipping. This item can be combined with others for shipping. Shipping for additional sets is $5 and will be reflected in your cart.


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Big Bubble Stuff Concentrated Soap Bubble Solution

This really is very good bubble solution, just ask anyone who has used it. It has been designed especially for making big bubbles though it also works pretty good in the bubble machines I have. One bottle of concentrated solution is mixed with a gallon of water. You provide the water and the bucket.

The price for a six pack of concentrated soap bubble solution is $45.00 which includes shipping. A twelve pack is $86.00 including shipping.

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Bigger Stuff

The toys down here are made for the big kids. You know, the ones that the little kids call adults. The plastic sets make big bubbles, these make really big ones.

The Really Big Bubble Set

   Photo by Brad Wolfe. Thanks! This is a massive 5 foot bubble wand mounted on two 6+ foot telescopic fiberglass poles. This set includes two bottles of Big Bubble Stuff concentrated soap bubble solution. The price for the Really Big Bubble set is $50 plus $15 shipping. Shipping for additional sets costs $8.00.
Depending on the availability of the poles, these may take up to two weeks to ship.


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Kite Fliers Special

You don't have to be a kite flier to get this but most kite fliers keep a variety of poles on hand. This package includes a 5 foot wick loop, a 5 foot garland loop (with 8 openings) and 10 bottles of Big Bubble Stuff concentrated soap bubble solution. Poles are not included in this package. 10 foot, 3 section poles with the top section removed work well. The price is $98.00 including shipping.


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Custom Wands

I can make wick loops as big as you can manage. Please contact me for more information if you're interested in something enormous.